Chili-Garlic Almond Crusted Green Beans

It’s baaaaaacccckkk.  Ever since the Almond Flour Debacle a couple months ago, I’ve been keeping this little treasure in my freezer for just the right moment.  I had hoped an unsuspecting houseguest would inadvertently find it in my freezer while going to get some ice, but no such luck.AlmondFlour7

So, what does one do with homemade almond paste?  I really didn’t know.  The consistency was thicker and not as creamy as peanut butter.  It was really only by mistake that my sister and I made it in the first place.  The positive side of it all is that it packs a strong flavor.

I ultimately decided on trying what I called, “Almond Crusted Green Beans”.  This recipe was cooked up somewhere in the back of my brain, totally experimental and I was unsure even as I was cooking it if it would be worthy of sharing with you all.  I’m happy to report it turned out well enough to be worthy of bloggy-world.  But I will admit – the name is misleading.  The paste does not form a crust. I thought it would, but it really stays mostly moist and does not crisp up, but it appears to look like a crust and naming it “Almond Crusted” was better than “Sloppy Almond Paste.”  Oh the power of using the right words….

I make this confession because if anybody does try this recipe they will realize that it doesn’t get crunchy or crusty at all.  But it tastes good and that’s all that matters.

3-4 T of Almond paste (I used half of what was in my baggie, this measurement is an estimation)
2-3 tsp of chili garlic paste
½ lb fresh green beans (cut into 2-3 inch pieces)
1 T canola oil
Chicken broth

**Wash and dry the green beans thoroughly.  The method of cooking used is called “dry fry.”  Any water on the bean-beans will cause your oil to spit and may result in injury aka burns**



Directions:  Combine the chili garlic paste with the almond paste; set aside.  Heat a non-stick pan on the stove on high heat.  You know the pan is hot enough when you flick a bead of water on it and it evaporates immediately.  Add canola oil, it should heat quickly.  Add in clean, dry green beans and start stir-frying.  Keep them moving allowing the outside skin to blister and cook.  Once the beans look cooked, remove them from the pan.  Put the pan back on the heat (you can turn it down to a med to med-high) and add the paste.  I let the paste toast a bit.  I added back in the green beans and started tossing.  To thin the paste and make it more “sauce like” I slowly added chicken broth.  I would guesstimate 1/3 cup of broth was used.  Once the paste covers the green beans evenly you’re done.



Some variations I considered in cooking this dish… you can blanch the green beans prior to stir-fry, but I caution you doing this with the frying method because of the water-oil no-no.  It’s hard to completely dry blanched veggies.

I hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think.



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