Buffalo Chicken Salad

One of my favorite indulgences is eating a mess of chicken wings.  I love any excuse to go to a sports bar and guzzle down a nice tall beer with some chicken wings.  The bad side to this is that these tasty little chicken wings are usually deep-fried then smothered with a variety of sauces (Frank’s Red Hot is one of my favs).  Not the healthiest meal out there.

Recently, I’ve seen at several restaurants the Buffalo Chicken Salad option.  This salad is so simple to make, it almost seems silly to buy at a restaurant.  I can justify buying chicken wings because getting the deep fat fryer out to recreate sports bar wings is a little work intensive sometimes.  I hate cleaning up fry oil, plus, when I cook at home I try to eat healthier because I know I can go out and buy calorie laden food.BuffaloChicken2

In my recipe, I decided to use a combo of Panko breadcrumbs and my almond cornmeal from the Almond Flour Debacle post a while back.  The breadcrumb/almond cornmeal combination was amazing.  The salads turned out really well.  This dinner took place at my best friend’s house and she participates in a delivery system of locally delivered produce from Whole Foods, so we used the locally grown lettuce, avocado and tomato in our meal.

I also took a 2nd stab at homemade Ranch dressing.  This version turned out even better than the first.  I used plain Greek yogurt, the same spices from my previous post and thinned the yogurt out with buttermilk this time.  I doubt I will ever buy Ranch dressing again, this version is far superior.

Chicken tenders (as many as desired)
Panko Breadcrumbs
Almond Cornmeal
Olive Oil
Bleu cheese crumbles
Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce
1-2 beaten eggs (depending on how many tenders you make)

See previous post for Ranch Dressing recipe.


Marinate the chicken tenders in a little bit of the Franks Red Hot Sauce.  Once removed, dredge in beaten eggs then coat in 1:1 mixture of breadcrumbs and almond flour/cornmeal.  In a pan, heat olive oil and cook chicken tenders until golden on each side.  Meanwhile, prepare the lettuce and avocado.  After chicken is cooked, cut into bite size pieces and toss in more Franks Red Hot Sauce.  Assemble salad and enjoy!

Are you tired of salad posts yet?  Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!




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