Huevos Rancheros – Costa Rican Style

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Costa Rica not once, but twice in the last few years.  This country is enchanting.  The views are breathtaking; you can get a variety of beaches, rainforests, and volcanoes.CostaRica5

You will never be bored when visiting this country.  Take a look at this website to see some of the possibilitiesCostaRica1CostaRica4

On top of the amazing scenery and activities, the people of Costa Rica, (aka Ticos and Ticas) are through and through some of the nicest people I’ve ever met while travelling.  Both trips to Costa Rica have been fun filled and adventurous.  I highly recommend adding this country to your bucket list if you haven’t already been there.

On my last trip there, I had the opportunity to stay at this gorgeous rental home in Domincal, CR.  The host of this vacation home employed the services of a personal chef while I was staying there.  One morning, this chef made what he called Huevos Rancheros Costa Rican style.

Well, what that means is he used Lizano salsa and black beans to create his style of huevos rancheros.  This is the country’s beloved hot sauce, which is not really that heat spicy.  For those of you who have been to Costa Rica and tried this salsa before, would you agree that it’s quite provocative?  It definitely has it’s own flavor that isn’t replicated by anything I’ve tried in the US.

I liked this salsa so much that I brought it back as souvenirs to my family and friends.  (What a boring souvenir hunh?)  If you’re planning on visiting Costa Rica soon, trying this salsa is a must, and if you like it, you can bring it back and execute this recipe. Or if you’re not going to Costa Rica anytime soon, you can buy it on Amazon.


Or, if by chance you were like me and impulsively bought a ton of it and brought it back, now you are running out of ideas on how to use it, here you go.

1 15 oz. can black beans
5-6 diced sweet bell peppers (or 1 green or red bell pepper)
½ cup diced onion
1 celery rib chopped
corn tortillas
eggs (to serve on top fried or poached)
¼ to 1/3 Lizano salsa (depending on desired consistency)

Directions:  Start by sautéing your chopped peppers, celery and onions in some olive oil on a medium to medium-high heat.  Once they soften, add in the black beans. Add the Lizano salsa.  Toss to coat; turn heat to low.

Warm tortillas and prepare eggs to desired doneness.  Poached or fried will work. Add the bean, veggie mixture to the top of the warmed tortillas and top with eggs. You can top it off with a little more Lizano as well.

In the picture mine are fried because I failed miserably at poaching them.  Poaching is healthier. Overall this is a fairly healthy recipe.


Serve and enjoy!

Have any of you tried Lizano salsa before? How else do you like to use this Costa Rican salsa?



  1. emily says:

    I’ve tried Lizano Salsa and it was preeeettttttty addicting, to be sure. We also ate LOADS of cabbage salad in Costa Rica — did you run into that anywhere? Tasty cuisine all around! (And beautiful scenery, to boot!)

    • cindyelkins says:

      I recall there being cabbage salad often, but never as a main course. More of an afterthought also thrown on the plate. Maybe I need to go back again and explore the cabbage salad 🙂

      • emily says:

        You’re right — it’s more of a side, but it was everywhere when I was there. I was also a bit more inland, so maybe the traditions vary slightly? But there was definitely plenty of Lizano!

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