Grilled Sweet Bell Peppers

Summer is rapidly approaching which means it’s time to have fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun.  I think summer is Reno’s best season.  There is so much to do in this area when it comes to outdoor activity.  Check out Josh Vega’s blog and Robin’s blog to check in on fun things to do in and around Reno and Tahoe.  If you’re new to Reno and/or Tahoe, try your best to not believe what you see on TV (ie Reno 911).  This area has so much more to offer.

Another thing we can all look forward to this summer is the extended daylight and warm evenings that are perfect for grilling on the barbeque.  Not to mention, we’re all gearing up for those fit summer bodies, right?  If you missed jumping on New Year’s Eve Resolution losing weight bandwagon, it’s not too late.

We’re in early April, you’ve still got time to tighten, tone, lose weight, whatever your goal may be before summer is upon us.  Zumba by Andrea Tibaduiza is a great place to go if you dread treadmills, weights, and or anything else that resembles a traditional gym.  If you do like more of a traditional, but would like to spice it up a little, I highly recommend a visit to Camie Cragg Fitness.  The energy and enthusiasm in this gym is infectious, encouraging and fun!

What I have to share with you today is an easy veggie side dish that will not only help you support that goal of a hotty summer body, but it will also get you to use your barbeque grill that has patiently waited your return all winter.

“But I don’t have a grill….” You say?  No problem.  This recipe can also be done in the oven on a cookie sheet under your broiler or at an oven temp of 450-475.  Results are nearly the same; the only difference is that flavor you can only get from the grill.


Sweet Bell Peppers
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper (optional)

Directions for grill:

  1. Peppers need zero prep other than putting them on metal skewers.  I do it this way because they’re easier to flip once on the BBQ.
  2. Drizzle olive oil over peppers.  They don’t need much, I don’t measure this; it is just by sight.  Not drenched, but not dry.
  3. Put them on the grill (grill should be at medium to medium-high heat).

Once they char on one side, turn them over and cook until charred on the opposite side.  When desired doneness is achieved, remove from grill.


These veggies appear burnt, but trust me, it’s the char that really makes your taste buds do back flips.  Note the description – these are SWEET peppers, not spicy ones.

Let me know what you think!  Happy charring!



  1. cjmcook says:

    We will have to try them this way. My husband does them on the grill but he usually puts them in a roasting pan with some olive oil. They don’t get the same char, though.

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