Reno Aces – Extinct Jalapeño Nacho Dog

I saw this clip on this week, and must say, I’m a little disappointed that the Jalapeño Nacho Dog isn’t back on the Reno Aces concessions menu this year.  (Or if it is, it wasn’t featured on this little blurb).

This was my all time favorite ballpark food.  Hotdog + beer + baseball game = a good night.  Jalapeño Nacho Dog + beer + baseball game = euphoric night!  We all know that the best part about nachos is the cheese.  The chip, in which the cheese sits on, is merely a vehicle to get the globs of cheese to the mouth.  Well, substitute those chips with a hotdog and add jalapeños to the top and you’ve created genius baseball food.

Back when this item was on the menu, I use to look forward to going to the game all day long, not only to watch baseball, but so that I could eat this delicious culinary creation and wash it down with a nice tall beer.  A Reno Aces baseball game would be an all day prep for me… I’d work out extra hard in the morning.  Had to burn some extra calories because I was determined to eat this hot dog smothered in cheese.  I’d even watch what I ate all day to save those calories for the beer and Jalapeño Nacho Dog.

Reno Aces, why did you have to take the Jalapeño Nacho Dog away?  So simple. So yummy.  The items that go on it are already in stock anyway.  I miss you Jalapeño Nacho Dog.  I beg you, Reno Aces, bring it back!!!

I made a lame attempt to recreate the Jalapeño Nacho Dog at home.  It’s not the same.  My dog was smaller.  My bun was smaller.  My jalapeños weren’t quite as spicy. However, my wallet is fuller so there’s looking at the glass half full.

Yeah – I’m going to share the recipe with you… if you haven’t already figured the recipe out yourself.


Hot Dog Bun
Nacho Cheese

Cook dog (grill or boiled in water on stove).  Put dog in bun.  Smother with warmed nacho cheese.  Top with jalapeños.

If you share my sentiments about the extinct Jalapeño Nacho Dog, please share this post.



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