Perfectly Grilled Lamb Chops

Easter Sunday in my family is not a big holiday.  Depending on the year, sometimes my sister and I get in the spirit to color Easter eggs (yes, even though we’re adults with no children we still like to do this).  Usually we attempt to copy Martha Stewart’s latest egg coloring venture… and by “we” I mean my sister.  My attention span for coloring eggs runs out about two eggs into my dozen and I find myself wandering off to pet the dog or something equally as productive.  Meanwhile, my sister will be tediously coloring the most beautiful eggs you’ve ever seen.

She usually ends up helping me finish my eggs because all mine start looking the same.  I’ve perfected the sewage brown egg.  This color is achieved when you have little to no patience and you move your egg from one color to the next before the full intense color can set in and you get a mish-mash of a little bit of each color.  ALL my eggs seem to turn out that way.  If they weren’t chicken eggs and already hard-boiled, the color of this egg would indicate that the most ugly of all ducklings is destine to hatch from it.

Now that I’ve demonstrated what I’m NOT good at doing during the Easter holiday, let’s move onto what I CAN do.  Cook something good to eat that is a little more appealing than a sewage colored Easter egg.

Traditionally, Americans think of Easter brunch or dinner and they think of ham as the protein served.  However, before there was ham, there was lamb.  I looked up the tradition of meals served on Easter and found this quick blurb about why ham versus lamb.

Lamb is a hit or miss meat for me.  Sometimes I try it and it has such a potent, mangy taste that I can even stomach swallowing another bite.  Other times, (like in this recipe I will be sharing with you momentarily) it is so finger licking good!  The richness of the meat and slightly charred bone makes me momentarily forget my manners and want to start gnawing on the bone at the table, growling at anyone who dare try to pry this succulent morsel from my paws hands.

This is a really easy recipe.  Probably the easiest one yet.


Lamb chops (as many as you’d like to serve)

Directions:  Salt and pepper the lamb chops.  Heat the grill to medium-high temperature.  The key is to begin by grilling the lamb chops bone end down for 6-8 minutes.


When the bone begins to bleed a little, you know it’s time to turn it on the side.  Grill each side for 1-2 minutes apiece until desired doneness is achieved and meat is slightly charred/crisped.


Pull off the grill and rest the chops at least five minutes before serving.  By the by, this meat would go great with Worcestershire & Green Onion Rice.


Trust me… even non-lamb lovers cannot deny the deliciousness of a perfectly cooked lamb chop.

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  1. cjmcook says:

    I love your story about the Easter egg coloring. I truly laughed out loud while reading that. As for the lamb, I will always choose lamb over ham. I had no idea you were supposed to cook them bone side down first. Thanks for that tip. I’ll pass that one along to my husband since he has become the cook in the family this past year.

  2. Lucy says:

    Cute Easter egg coloring story. Since I have become a Paleoite, this is a great recipe to try. Minus the rice dish. Thanks Cindi.

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